Crustianity NinjaAs most of you now know, Crustianity is the original name for the religion that is now known as Christianity. As they are now, the clergy of the time were all called Ninjas. Even though the Ninjas are a very moral and loving people, some corruption began in the church. A few powerful, yet mentally deranged members of the church were caught molesting young boys. These child molesters wanted to keep this a secret to continue these disgusting acts, but the Ninja council discovered their plan and banned them from Crustianity forever. Soon after their excommunication from the noble church, these men started their own church. They used the already established stories of Jeebus Crust and Crustianity to form a new religion. They changed the holy name of Jeebus Crust to Jesus Christ and created their child molesting religion of Christianity, where the clergy could continue to molest young boys in secret.

Some Powerful Ninja Abilities

Catching Bullets in Mouth : Penn and Teller have demonstrated this special power in their 'Magic' act.

Truthiness : Stephen Colbert is the most well known user of the ability of being able to know something without using thought. It is thinking with your gut, not your brain. Without Truthiness, we would not have religion.

Uncontrollable Laughter : Comedians such as George Carlin, Doug Stanhope, Bill Maher, David Cross and Brandon Muller are known for causing uncontrollable laughter with their insatiable religious humor. Once you hear one religion bashing joke, you want to hear more.

Prophecy : The ability to not only predict the future, but see what happened in the past. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are two of Crustianity's most powerful prophets. They are known to ridicule religion and have the ability to slide in information about Crustianity through their animated TV show, South Park.