The Ten Suggestions

Gosh does not give orders or commandments. He does give some good suggestions for how you might want to live your life.

1. Do not worship any gods, however, feel free to look to Gosh for advice.

2. Be careful who you make as your idols.

3. Use religious terms as you wish. Gosh particularly likes his name used during intercourse.

4. You should sleep in on weekends. Spend your free time with family and friends. Don't waste your weekends in religious buildings.

5. Respect your parents, but only if they have earned it.

6. Do not kill, unless it is a life or death situation.

7. You should not cheat on your significant other.

8. You should not steal. (downloading music, software and movies does not count)

9. You should only lie if it is for a very good reason.

10. Keep thy religion to thy self. Don't push your religious views on others.